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Corporate Event


Call4party corporate party planner in Delhi, NCR offering a variety of decorations services can help you create the right ambiance and atmosphere for different types of corporate events. 

Branding and Signage:
Create custom banners, signage, and backdrops that incorporate the company's logo, colors, and messaging.
Display corporate branding throughout the venue to reinforce the company's identity.

Elegant and sophisticated table centerpieces that reflect the event's theme or the company's aesthetics.

Table Decor:
Stylish tablecloths, runners, place settings, and napkins that align with the event's color scheme and theme.

Use ambient lighting, such as uplighting or string lights, to set the right mood for the event.

Entrance and Stage Decor:
Design welcoming entrances with branded arches, red carpets, and elegant drapery.
Decorate the stage with company branding, floral arrangements, or thematic elements.

Backdrop and Photo Opportunities:
Provide a branded backdrop for photo opportunities, creating a lasting memory for attendees.
Incorporate props related to the company's industry or event theme.

Themed Decor:
Design decorations that match the event's theme or purpose, such as a casino night, retro party, or holiday gala.

Lounge Areas:
Create comfortable lounge areas with stylish furniture, cushions, and branded pillows for networking events.

Ceiling Decor:
Hang decor elements like chandeliers, paper lanterns, or hanging installations to add depth to the venue.

Technology Integration:
Incorporate digital elements like LED screens, projections, or interactive displays for tech-focused events.

Focal Points:
Design eye-catching focal points using tall floral arrangements, sculptures, or art installations.

Custom Graphics:
Provide custom-designed graphics, infographics, or presentations that enhance the event's messaging.

Audiovisual Enhancements:
Use screens, projectors, and LED walls to display dynamic visuals, presentations, and animations.

Stage Design:
Enhance the stage with drapery, props, and lighting effects that align with the event's purpose.

Interactive Installations:
Introduce interactive elements like digital photo booths, touchscreen displays, or interactive games.

Greenery and Plants:
Incorporate indoor plants, potted arrangements, or living walls to add a touch of nature.

Ice Sculptures or Displays:
Craft impressive ice sculptures or displays to match the event's theme or company logo.

Awards and Recognition Displays:
Design special displays for awards, certificates, or recognition, showcasing the company's achievements.

We are offering a range of decoration options allows you to adapt to different corporate event styles, from formal dinners and conferences to casual networking events and product launches.