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Themes & Activities

Call4party corporate party planners in Delhi, NCR offer a wide range of themes and activities to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for attendees. 


Casino Night:
Create a casino-themed event with games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Hollywood Glamour:
Roll out the red carpet with a glamorous Hollywood-inspired event.

Masquerade Ball:
Encourage guests to wear masks and dress in elegant attire for a mysterious and sophisticated evening.

Carnival or Circus:
Set up carnival games, circus performers, and colorful decor for a fun and lively atmosphere.

Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties:
Transport guests back to the 1920s with art deco decor, flapper dresses, and jazz music.

Tropical Luau:
Create a tropical paradise with Hawaiian decor, hula dancers, and island-inspired cuisine.

Around the World:
Showcase different cultures with themed stations, food, and entertainment from various countries.

Sports Fanatics:
Tailor the event to a specific sport or team, incorporating team colors, jerseys, and sports-themed activities.

Space Odyssey:
Explore the cosmos with space-themed decor, interactive exhibits, and cosmic visuals.

Choose a specific era (e.g., '70s, '80s) and create a nostalgic atmosphere with music, fashion, and decor.


Team-Building Games:
Organize activities like escape rooms, scavenger hunts, or problem-solving challenges.

Interactive Workshops:
Offer workshops on topics like cooking, mixology, art, or even technology trends.

Networking Mixers:
Plan icebreaker activities, speed networking, and discussion panels to facilitate networking.

Live Entertainment:
Hire performers like comedians, magicians, or live bands to entertain guests.

Themed Photo Booths:
Set up photo booths with themed props and backdrops for fun and memorable photos.

Trivia or Game Shows:
Host interactive trivia or game show competitions for engaging entertainment.

DIY Craft Stations:
Provide creative stations where guests can make their own crafts or personalized items.

Outdoor Adventures:
Plan outdoor activities like team-building challenges, hikes, or sports tournaments.

Workplace Recognition:
Incorporate award ceremonies, recognition speeches, and appreciation activities for employees.

Live Demonstrations:
Arrange live demos or presentations related to industry trends, products, or services.

A well-planned combination of themes and activities can lead to a successful and memorable corporate event.