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Light & Sound

Light and sound play a crucial role in creating the right ambiance and atmosphere for weddings. Call4party wedding planner in Delhi, NCR offer various light and sound services to enhance the overall experience. 

Lighting Services:

Ambient Lighting:
Provide soft and even lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the venue.

Place lights at the base of walls to wash them with colored light, enhancing the overall decor.

String Lights and Fairy Lights:
Hang string lights for a magical and whimsical effect, especially for outdoor or rustic weddings.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights:
Add elegant lighting fixtures for a touch of sophistication and glamour.

Spotlights and Pin Spotting:
Highlight key elements like centerpieces, cake, and other focal points.

Gobo Projection:
Use projections to display custom monograms, patterns, or designs on walls, floors, or ceilings.

Dance Floor Lighting:
Set up disco lights, moving lights, and color-changing effects to energize the dance floor.

Candlelight and Lanterns:
Incorporate candles, lanterns, or flameless LED candles for a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Sound Services:

PA Systems:
Provide clear and reliable sound systems for speeches, vows, and music playback.

Offer wireless microphones for officiants, speakers, and performers.

Live Music Setup:
Set up sound equipment for live bands, solo artists, and instrumentalists.

DJ Services:
Collaborate with professional DJs to provide music and emcee services for the reception.

Ceremony Sound:
Ensure guests can hear the ceremony with discreetly placed speakers.

Background Music:
Play appropriate background music during dinner and cocktails to enhance the atmosphere.

Custom Playlists:
Curate playlists based on the couple's preferences for different segments of the wedding.

Audio Playback:
Play pre-recorded music, speeches, or audio cues seamlessly during the event.

Interactive Sound Installations:
Create interactive sound experiences, such as touch-triggered music or soundscapes.

Live Streaming:
Offer live streaming services for remote guests to join in the celebrations.

Our Wedding Planner expert providing light and sound services, it's essential to tailor the setup to the couple's preferences, the wedding theme, and the venue's acoustics and lighting conditions. Well-executed light and sound can create an unforgettable wedding atmosphere and enhance the overall guest experience.