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Photography & Videography

Photography and videography are crucial aspects of capturing and preserving the special moments of a wedding day. Call4party wedding planner in Delhi, NCR offer various photography and videography services to meet the needs and preferences of couples. 

Photography Services:

Candid Photography:
Capture spontaneous moments and emotions throughout the wedding day.

Portrait Photography:
Take individual and group portraits of the couple, family, and bridal party.

Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoot:
Offer a separate photoshoot before the wedding to capture the couple's love story.

Getting Ready Photos:
Document the pre-wedding preparations of the bride and groom, capturing the anticipation and excitement.

First Look Photography:
Capture the emotional moment when the couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony.

Ceremony Photography:
Cover the entire ceremony, including the vows, exchange of rings, and key moments.

Reception Photography:
Document speeches, toasts, the first dance, and the overall celebration.

Detail Shots:
Capture close-ups of the wedding dress, rings, flowers, cake, and other important details.

Family and Group Photos:
Organize and photograph various group shots with family members and friends.

Artistic and Creative Shots:
Experiment with creative angles, compositions, and techniques to capture unique and memorable shots.

Videography Services:

Full-Length Wedding Film:
Create a comprehensive video that tells the story of the entire wedding day.

Highlight Reel:
Edit a shorter video that captures the most memorable moments and emotions.

Love Story Video:
Produce a video that chronicles the couple's journey and love story leading up to the wedding.

Pre-Wedding/Engagement Video:
Offer a video shoot before the wedding to capture the couple's connection and anticipation.

Ceremony Videography:
Record the entire wedding ceremony, including vows, readings, and rituals.

Reception Videography:
Document speeches, dances, entertainment, and the overall joy of the celebration.

Interviews and Testimonials:
Capture heartfelt messages and well wishes from family, friends, and the couple themselves.

Same-Day Edit:
Prepare a short video edit during the wedding to showcase highlights to guests at the reception.

Drone Footage:
Incorporate aerial shots and panoramic views of the wedding venue.

Interactive Video Elements:
Include interactive elements, like VR or 360-degree videos, for an immersive experience.

Offering a mix of photography and videography services allows couples to choose the media that resonates with their preferences. Ensure that the chosen photographers and videographers align with the couple's style and vision, as their work will contribute significantly to the memories captured on this special day.