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Themes & Activities

Wedding planners in Delhi, NCR offer a rich variety of themes and activities to cater to the diverse cultural backgrounds, traditions, and preferences of couples. Here are some popular themes and activities offered by wedding planners in India:


Traditional Indian Wedding:
Embrace the rich cultural heritage with themes like Maharaja, Rajasthani, Punjabi, or South Indian weddings.

Royal Palace Wedding:
Host a lavish wedding in a historical palace, combining grandeur and luxury.

Bollywood Glamour:
Create a wedding inspired by Bollywood movies, with vibrant colors, dance performances, and glam decor.

Vintage or Retro:
Take a trip back in time with a vintage-inspired wedding, such as a 1920s flapper theme or a retro '70s theme.

Boho-Chic Wedding:
Incorporate a free-spirited and artistic vibe with bohemian decor, flower crowns, and relaxed attire.

Beach Destination Wedding:
Celebrate by the sea with a tropical beach wedding, complete with sandy shores and ocean-inspired decor.

Rustic Farmhouse Wedding:
Embrace the simplicity and charm of rural life with a rustic barn or farmhouse wedding.

Fairy Tale Wedding:
Bring dreams to life with a fairy tale theme, featuring enchanted decor and whimsical elements.

Garden or Floral Wedding:
Incorporate lush flowers and botanical elements for a romantic garden-inspired wedding.


Mehendi and Sangeet Night:
Celebrate with traditional pre-wedding ceremonies involving henna, music, and dance performances.

Baraat and Procession:
Organize a lively baraat with the groom's procession, often accompanied by music and dancing.

Pheras and Vows:
Conduct the traditional wedding ceremony with sacred rituals and blessings.

Cultural Performances:
Showcase regional dance forms, music, and cultural performances during the wedding festivities.

Traditional Games:
Incorporate traditional games like Haldi-Kumkum or ring-finding games for entertainment.

Live Music and Entertainment:
Feature live bands, musicians, or traditional folk artists to entertain guests.

Fireworks and Pyrotechnics:
Add a touch of grandeur with dazzling fireworks displays during the celebrations.

Themed Photo Booths:
Set up themed photo booths with props for fun and memorable photo opportunities.

Food and Cuisine Tastings:
Offer food stations with regional specialties or host a tasting session for different cuisines.

Cultural Workshops:
Provide workshops on traditional arts, crafts, and dance for guests to immerse themselves in the culture.